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Highlands NC

Posted by on October 17, 2011

Highlands, NC Concierge Service

Highlands North Carolina concierge services

Life can be busy. Time is tight and other things are calling. Delegate your small and large tasks so that you can have more time and freedom.

Spend more time with your family and less time worrying. We’ll hire your babysitters, pick up the groceries, do errands, get the laundry, and take care of anything else you can think of.

Highlands’s Finest Concierge Service

Our Services

The services we offer are limitless in scope. Everything we do is extremely personalized and delivered by a warm team. Our company was founded on the principle in which anything is possible and this ethos remains close to the heart of the company. Our teams provides our members an exceptionally high standard of concierge services, which encompasses every aspect of their lives. We ensure that each request is met with meticulous attention to details and diligence.

Each booking is made with our members personal interest in mind. This is to ensure your services remain comprehensive whilst highly specific to your needs.

Highlands North Carolina concierge services

  • Errands

  • Personal Directory/Personal Assistants

  • Rides/Transportation

  • Business and Travel Reccommendations

    More Examples

    • Cards, Invitations, Thank You’s: written, addressed, stamped, mailed

    • Phone Calls

    • Return Messages

    • Emails

    • Pay Bills

    • Gifts

    • Research: purchases, projects, hard-to-find

    • Tickets: sporting events, theater, concerts

    • Reservations: restaurant, limousine, vacation

    • Marriage Proposal Setting

    • Travel Needs: research, reservations, packing

    Exceptional ‘Round-The-Clock Service

    Think of us as your 24/7 personal concierge. us help you find phone numbers, businesses, and vacations using our knowledge of Highlands’s Area.

    Think of us as a family member. When things go wrong, we’re here to help. You are our #1 priority. Whether or not you are traveling or in an emergency, we are always here to help.

    How May we Serve You?

    There is no task too small. Our concierge says, “Yes” more often. We love to serve you and your family.

    Highlands Testimonials

    Thankfully, you are there for me. Just want you to know how much I appreciate your concierge service. I feel like I have my own Mrs. Doubtfire”!
    — Judith, in Highlands, NC

    “This is the premier service in North Carolina providing help, assistance & support to busy professionals who need more time to do the things that support professional growth. We are all faced with trade-offs in life. This Concierge is the best friend to have to make the intelligent choice that allows you to grow your business while someone else does the time-consuming chores that get in the way of increased profit margins.”
    — Ron Meelin in Highlands, NC

    • “I first accessed Family Concierge about four years ago when I was overwhelmed with a home remodel and business commitments. I thought to look online for a concierge service to ease the burden of too many errands, appointments, and miscellaneous stresses. “

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